Ernst Homes

Leader Bios

Steve Ernst - President

Hendersonville, TN
Auburn University & M.B.A. from Middle Tennessee State University
 Investments Sales for a Capital Financial Group
 Going back into the client’s home after they’ve settled in and furnished it. I’ve seen the house on paper and then complete with blank floors, windows and walls--- it’s always wonderful to see what the client has done and the home they’ve created.
 Southwest Airlines
Auburn Tigers Football
BBQ World Champion

J.R. Ernst- Vice President of Operations

Hendersonville, TN
Auburn University
Selling pagers for an electronics company
 The Design Process. It is fun to see people’s ideas for their home translated into a plan and watch them get excited about it.
 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
 Hampton Inn
Auburn Tigers Football
Running or Bike Riding
Race Car Driver
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